The Chairman's Desk

The man with a vision’ best describes Mr. Rajadurai, who is the son of the soil of Nagercoil (Manikattipottal). His humble beginning never impeded his fervent and noble ambition to offer the people of his native land his avid dream – a dream that has now taken shape in Gnana Vidya Mandir.

He is a man of simplicity in appearance but nobility in thoughts. A philanthropist, who has dedicated himself to the noble cause of creating an institution that will not conform to the run of the mill principles, but an institution that is rooted in the fundamental principles of civilization laying a special emphasize on self grooming, self realization, service to humanity and loyalty to the country. Mr.S.Rajadurai is a visionary with a mission.

No.1 CBSE Schools in Nagercoil

Mr.Siva Rajadurai.


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