Science & Computer Labs

Besides the classroom learning, the school promotes and provides additional training to use the modern means of knowledge like computers and lab equipments to explore the avenues of learning and strengthening the intellect to meet the challenges of life with no apprehension but full of confidence. A child here will never be treated as a machine fed with information.

Gnana Vidya Mandir CBSE School Computer Lab
English Lab

An excellent communication skill is absolutely essential to effective leadership and the basic building block of effective communication is to impress upon a child in its formative years. Thus the English language lab is designed with advanced learning tools to provide students with real life contexts. The techniques are formulated and graded to suit the needs of children of different age groups.

Gnana Vidya Mandir CBSE School Science-Lab
Math Lab

The Math lab provides the students with games puzzles, Quizzes and other such activities to make learning math an enchanting and rewarding experience.

Gnana Vidya Mandir CBSE School Maths-Lab

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