Special Features for Gnana Vidya Mandir CBSE School

Special Features

  • The medium of instruction is English.
  • Mass Drill for students is regularly organized.
  • The school has a house system to group the staff and students into four houses viz Arjuna - Yellow, Ashoka - Blue, Harsha - Green, Dhruva - Red.
  • The school has special prayer sessions on Fridays. To inculcate the spirit of brotherhood they chant prayers from all faiths.
  • The school believes in instilling sound moral values in the young minds to build up a good society. The subjects Moral Instruction and General knowledge aim at teaching children discipline, character and Indian traditions and culture.
  • To promptly update parents on all school activities, the management has decided to send all school messages to parents through Email and SMS.
  • AKSHARABHYSASAM: Every newcomer from Pre K.G, L.K.G and Montessori – I is initiated into the joy of learning through this ritual.
  • BUNNY: It is a feeder movement to the Bunnies. Later they can join cubs and bulbuls in primary class and continue with guides and scouts.
  • CONVOCATION: Children from U.K.G/Mon-III graduate to the first standard at a convocation ceremony.
  • Regular open house sessions will be held wherein the parents/guardians can meet the teachers to discuss the progress of their wards.
  • ASSEMBLY ACTIVITY: The significance of various festivals (Pongal, Diwali, Ramzan, Christmas etc.) is imbibed by the children through the Assembly activities to uphold our rich cultural heritage.
  • The aim of GNANA VIDYA MANDIR is to make the heuristic method of education as a mandate.
  • Using latest educational tools like digital smart class with virtual laboratory.
  • Soft Skills & Aptitude Training
  • Learning by doing with lab activities in maths, Science & Social science.
  • Continuous monitoring of physical fitness through standard evaluation procedures.
  • Quality academic delivery with International Pedagogy, based on a good value system.
  • International Olympiads, Spellbee International, NIE Program and so on.

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